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Updated on October 24, 2020

Is Mast Shoes open for in-person shopping?
Yes! Our current store hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10AM – 5PM (closed Sunday and Monday).

During the pandemic, new and different processes are in place to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible. Take a few minutes to watch our video and read through our safety plan (linked below) so you know what to expect during your visit. Wear your mask and get ready to enjoy finding your next pair of comfy shoes! We look forward to having you in!

Video Tour – What to Expect During Your Visit to Mast Shoes Right Now

Read through our Safety Plan

Do I need to make an appointment?

Nope! Walk in anytime Tuesday – Saturday 10AM – 5PM. We are limiting the number of customers in the store. Occasionally there is a short wait.

Is there a time that is less busy than others?

We have yet to observe consistent traffic patterns during the pandemic but here’s what we’ve noticed so far. Tuesdays are our busiest day of the week. And most days, 2:00PM – 5:00PM is less busy. No matter what time you come, you will be seated in a socially distanced seating area at least six feet away from other customers. There are two seats in each seating area in the event you’re shopping with someone you live with (or whom you’re comfy sitting right next to). We ask all customers to stay in their seating areas with masks on fully covering the nose and mouth the entire time they’re in the store. Our shoe experts will bring all shoes, socks, insoles, shoe care items you’d like to try (or look at) to you in your area.

Are you offering contact-free curbside pickup?

Yes, we are! Place your order for shoes, insoles, socks and shoe care products by phone or online and your order will be ready for pickup within an hour.

You can find our online shop here: https://mast-shoes.myshopify.com/
Our phone number is: 734-662-8118

What if I want to walk in to the store and pick up the order I placed online or by phone?

You’re welcome to do that! After placing your order, walk-in (wearing your mask) anytime during business hours and tell the host you’re here to pick up your order. They’ll hand it to you, thank you, and smile at you with their eyes (watch for it) 😉

I’d like to order the same pair of shoes I currently have but I can’t tell what model they are or their size. Is that something you can help me with on the phone?

Yes! Give us a call and we are happy to help you with this. We’re particularly adept at determining what shoes and sizes are over the phone after asking you a few questions (like what they look like and where to look for the size). 9 times out of 10 we can figure it out together. In the rare cases we can’t, we will help you determine the next best step. Our phone number is 734-662-8118.

I’d like to look at your shoes before I come in. Can I look at them online?

Yes! You can view our collection here: https://mast-shoes.myshopify.com/

Are all the shoes you have online?

Most but not all. This month, we’ve had shipments arriving daily (it’s like Christmas morning everyday!) and it’ll be a few weeks before we’re caught up with adding everything to our online shop. All new arrivals are always available to try and purchase in-person.

When is the best time to buy boots?

For the best selection, get in here before the first snowfall. So, soon! Our shelves are bursting with cold-weather footwear

I heard you aren’t allowing customers to walk around the store. What if I just want to come in and browse?

In order to maintain adequate social distancing, browsing at Mast Shoes is different during the pandemic. Much like a restaurant, all customers are given their own area to stay in while they’re in the store. Our displays are viewable from most seating areas and our shoe fitters are here to bring anything that interests you from across the room to you in your area to look at. Feel free to point! We encourage it. It’s helpful to tell your shoe fitter what activity you’d like to do in new shoes and if you have any foot pain or problems. This information helps us tailor our suggestions to things that are likely to work for you. Many of our browsing customers have said this new way is like having a personal shopper.

We hope to get back to normal soon and really appreciate your understanding during this challenging time. For now, having customers move out of their seating areas doesn’t work with our safety procedures.

Some fun ways to browse our collection and “get inside” before coming in to try shoes on are:

-Browse our online shop

-Sign up for our monthly emails

-Follow us on Facebook where we post items our customers love daily. Watch for Live events and videos!

-Follow us on Instagram

-Look in our front window when you’re in the neighborhood! We rotate it weekly.

Can I use my gift certificate to pay for a phone order?

Yes! Call us to place your order and have your gift certificate ready. We’ll ask you for your name, the amount and the number in the bottom right corner.

Can I use my gift certificate to pay for an online order?

Yes! It takes a few extra steps right now. Bear with us. Our gift certificates are a different system than our online shop but we’ve found a workaround.

Complete your online order with your credit card and in the “notes” section, let us know you’d like to use a gift certificate. Include the number on the bottom right of your gift certificate. We’ll process the gift certificate manually and then “refund” your credit card for your gift card amount (we’ll confirm it in our records). It’s clunky right now but it works. Thanks again for your patience and support!

Where did the sale rack go?

It is hibernating until it’s safe enough for customers to get close to each other again.

We will continue to have some clearance shoes available. They just aren’t out on the rack. Let your shoe expert know you’d like to see sale shoes in your size and they’ll bring you what we have. The next large batch of clearance items will be available in mid-late January 2021.

Sale shoes (in women’s and men’s sizes) are also available in our online shop!

Can I still request donations from Mast Shoes?

Our donation program is on pause through 2021. We will start accepting requests when we’ve recovered enough to have the resources to do so again. We’ll get back to it! Thanks for your patience.

We will continue to support Food Gatherer’s this year and encourage you to do so, too. Requests for food in Washtenaw County have increased 300% since March 2020. Let’s help Food Gatherer’s keep our neighbors fed. You can donate here: https://www.foodgatherers.org/

For the month of September, we’re donating 20% of our Smartwool Sock sales to Food Gatherers. Now that the weather is cooling, it’s a great time to replenish your sock drawer and do your holiday shopping! You’ll be fighting hunger in our community by buying socks this month! Shop our Smartwool collection in-store or online.

I’d like to purchase a really good pair of shoes for someone in need. Can I buy the shoes and you find the person who needs them?

Absolutely. One of our customers actually invented this unofficial program. She called and said “I want to use my stimulus check to buy shoes for someone who needs them. Do you know anyone?” We are happy to pass along gift certificates you purchase to people who will benefit from high quality, well-fitting shoes. We have a network of social workers who serve people in our community who would benefit from good shoes and otherwise couldn’t afford them.

How ARE you doing?

While the pandemic brought challenges to just about every nook and cranny of Mast Shoes, we have much to be grateful for. Like many other small businesses, we struggled and then creatively adapted to the challenge of a lifetime and are seeing signs of recovery. We continue to fine tune our processes day by day and have the very best team in the whole wide world. Our team and customers are choosing kindness, patience, and resilience, which is so encouraging! We’re all getting outside to walk more (woohoo!), taking better care of each other and ourselves. We believe we’ll emerge from this period stronger than ever before. We plan to continue extending kindness and patience even when things are hard.

Are you going to make it?

Our incredible community has rallied around us and we’re so grateful. As long as folks continue to purchase shoes from Mast Shoes, we will make it!

What can I do to help?

Continue making your footwear purchases from us.

Recommend us to your friends and family.

Be extra kind to every service worker you come in contact with (not just us).

Leave us a positive review on one or more of the following sites:

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You’re the BEST! Thank you.