The Mast Shoes experience is different.

Our caring staff will welcome you with friendly service and a smile. When was the last time your feet were accurately measured? This is the first step to total comfort — when your feet are comfortable, it’s easier for the rest of you to be comfortable, too.

We take great pride in our tradition of providing professional, knowledgeable care so you get the right shoe with the appropriate fit.

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This season’s highlights

Doctors recommend Mast Shoes

  • “I have found that most people have not had their feet measured for many years and are wearing the wrong size in shoes. Ill-fitting and poor quality shoes contribute greatly to foot problems. Our office and patients have found the staff at Mast Shoes to be very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I enthusiastically recommend Mast Shoes for high quality shoes with the best fit possible.”

    Bradley Seel, D.P.M.
  • “The staff at Mast know and understand how to fit shoes, a rarity today. They are experts at what they do. In addition to being professional and well informed, the staff at Mast Shoes are patient and take time to ensure the best possible fit. They’re an asset to our community.”

    Mark Klein, Podiatrist

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